Whether your central heating system has developed a fault or you are looking to save money off your bills with the latest high efficiency boiler, AntCrane Energy Services can carry out all repair & installation works you require. 

If it's a new boiler you are interested in, we offer a free survey upon request to provide you with a complete no obligation quote.

Our friendly engineers will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide advise which boilers are best suited for your home.

As we are not affiliated to only one boiler manufacturer, we can install the boiler of your choice, to the highest standard, professionally, and with the upmost care to you and your home.

We guarantee the price we quote before work commences will not change, and is the only amount you will be charged.


All new and replacement Gas-fired boilers installed after 1st April 2005 must be high efficiency condensing boilers rated A and B. This also applies to all oil-fired boilers installed after 1st April 2007.

Condensing boilers are much more efficient and therefore more beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Condensing boilers incorporate either a larger heat exchanger or even a second heat exchanger. It produces lower flue gas temperatures, lower flue gas emissions, and reduced fuel consumption.

  • They still meet heating needs whilst at the same time producing far less carbon dioxide.

  • They are considerably more fuel efficient, converting in excess of 86% of fuel into useable heat. The older type boilers would convert as little as 60% of their fuel supply into useful heat.

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